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CARD CONT. NUMBER: M051912784901U
Zip Code: BP 4592
City: Douala
Region: Littoral
Country: Cameroon
Pentak sarl international deeply cares about your family

Family Check

Pentak sarl international deeply cares about your family

Pentak Family Check is one of our best services. Here we act as your hands and eyes in the country to take care of your family, because your family is our family. Our main goal is to minimize your unforeseen expenses.

Our family check Services

  • Protect your investments at home with our " Family check " services: in less than 24 hours you get detailed reports and reliable information on your operations and all other information in the country, with photos and videos to support them, from our teams in the field.
  • Through the "corporate check" we ensure the smooth running of your companies by providing you with teams of economic, financial, and managerial controllers.
  • Our services extend everywhere to your villages to carry out the slightest of your needs.
  • Grocery shopping, medical care, nanny, tutor, scheduling, pension assistance and many others.
  • We accompany you in the purchase of land, house, or commercial space by ensuring the legality of the procedures.
  • We put at your disposal a staff who can even accompany your parents to their medical appointments, do their shopping etc.
  • Pentak has more a team of more than 85 staffs for this service in Cameroun across the national territory and more between Togo and Ghana who are ready to provide you with all of your necessary services in complete transparency.
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