A world without borders.

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CARD CONT. NUMBER: M051912784901U
Zip Code: BP 4592
City: Douala
Region: Littoral
Country: Cameroon

About Pentak sarl International

A world without borders.
Pentak Sarl International is a structure of service provision across the globe. We are willing to satisfy our customers in every sector of our business. Our company was established in May 2019 in Douala, Cameroon in Central Africa. The investors of our structure are spread all over the world.

What does Pentak Sarl International offer in its different sectors?

  • In the field of travel, Pentak Sarl International assists you from the visa application to the reception and integration in a country of your choice.
  • For studies, work, and tourism, we find universities in the country of your choice. We also ensure the follow-up for the work and the integration without forgetting the assistance until obtaining your visa.
  • The business sector is more focused on import/export which consists of providing services, such as searching and buying your goods or personal necessities and sending them to you. We can also clear your goods through customs if you wish. In the same way that we import your orders we also have the possibility to export them for you following the procedures registered by the government.
  • Pentak Family Check sometimes called Pentak Football Club (PFC) is one of the sectors with more demand in our company. Here we have the slogan "the eye of the diaspora". This is a real time observation of your investments and projects around the world with the support of videos and photos. On your request the check can be discreet, i.e., the occupants or workers in place will not even know that you have an eye on the spot apart of the information they give to you.
Finally, we can only encourage you to come closer to us whatever service you need in our company. Do not hesitate to contact us! We can also direct you if we do not offer the service you need.